Amazing Appearance of Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Do you have small size of bedroom, but still you want to make it appears nicer? You can try to find inspiration about small bedroom decorating ideas here. Right now, the main thing that you have to consider is applying the design that suitable to be used. You can try to choose modern design if you want. However, if you have your own idea of bedroom decoration, feel free to use it.

small bedroom

In having small bedroom decorating ideas, you have to select the decoration that can make the look of your bedroom becomes perfect. In fact, you can do it by adding your bedroom with two colors of lamp in it. Having only single lamp in your bedroom is not recommended. You can try to apply one lamp with brighter quality, and another one with less bright quality. With this appearance of lighting for your bedroom, you will finally make your bedroom become amazing. Read also tempat tidur mewah.

Easy ways to make small bedroom decorating ideas can also be done by adding good facility in it. If you have enough budgets, maybe it is good idea if you add your bedroom with AC. You can also add your bedroom with TV or Sound Speaker. When you have modern appearance of bedroom, you will be able to feel comfortable in it. And if you want to buy furniture, you can visit to furniture jepara.

How to Apply Apartment Living Room Design

For some people, living in small space is hard, but for some creative people, this is a good challenge because we can get more creative to create space. For you who want to improve your apartment living room design, you need to maximize all space available including the wall and the floor. If you want to add color on the floor, it is a good idea if you place different rugs (with simple pattern only) on the floor.

Apartment Living Room Design

Hiding the Unattractive Spots

For you who have unattractive storage, the problem is how to hide it because it is impossible to make it visible in your small apartment. For that reason my suggestion on apartment living room design ideas is make tall file cabinets for your unattractive stuffs and then cover it with matching cover from fabric. You can combine the color with your wall and kursi tamu.

Instead of using table for your sofa, you can use short small coffee table (double it) in front of your sofa. It will not take the attention but you can put things on it. You can also make your living room as your home office. The apartment living room design secret is you need to install tall rack on the wall to keep all office storage. It will save space. You cna try to shop in the furniture jepara.